There are very few people who will honestly say they hate music or singing.  On the other hand, I know many folks who love singing, but are shy or insecure about singing alone.  Sing-along sessions have always been a favorite group activity for people of all ages.

GOOD NEWS!  Sing-along fun is alive and well, and what's more, modern day electronics have made it even more exciting, providing the opportunity to include beautiful, colorful and entertaining graphics and music tracks of the very highest quality.

Our sing-along DVDs create a unique and entertaining opportunity for large or small group participation, as a recreational, educational or therapeutic activity. So easy to use . . . just pop the DVD into your DVD player, and view on your television.  

The collection (growing daily) contains material suitable for any age - any Holiday or special occasion. But most important, they also create the perfect group activity when there is no special occasion, other than to just have fun.

Singing along is easy as participants follow the lyrics that appear large on the screen.  The fun graphics and colors that accompany the songs make the experience even more fun.  

Instruments can be added to encourage even more interaction.  Maracas, tambourine, bells, and drums . . .just to name a few . . . are a delightful way for the group to contribute their own special touch to the musical experience.

Corporal activity, such as dancing, or arm, hand and body movements while seated are also a wonderful way to enjoy rhythm and music, while providing exercises that enhance coordination and provide many other health benifits for mind and body.


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